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I became a running-junkie…  I hope all my photo-friends following this blog are not so much disappointed. I will do my best to post more photo related things..  but running is addictive.. better don’t try.


Something only the runner would understand… you need new running gear… even if you don’t, you do…

but… in this case I was really in need for some wind/rain jacket and I was really in need for running backpack…

Both of them I got on a HUGE discount. First I got the jacket. I ordered it on Polish website and my mother sent it to me. Was around 40 euro. Good price for New Balance jacket, I was not sure about the size – it’s S and I am 178 cm but fits great! It’s also nicer than it looked on the photo on website.  It’s really light. I am not sure if it’s not even less than 100grams :)) Finally ,I have something what is easy to pack and I can take with me for a training.

The nicest parks are away from me. In case I don’t feel so well to run back home I can put it on and walk/take metro to my home  and…. avoid getting ill.

© Aga Luczakowska © Aga Luczakowska © Aga Luczakowska


and.. there is the whole story about the backpack. I got it at the Expo at the International Bucharest Half Marathon (17-18th May). I was searching for some backpack since two weeks. I was thinking to get simple Salomon for around 40-45 euro which had only one big pocket and I didn’t really like it’s color. It also seems a bit too expensive for such simple backpack.

After I picked up my starting number I went around the expo (let’s be honest it was very small expo, maybe one shop with shoes, two shops with running clothes and maybe 1-2 with supplements). I saw this backpack – Montane Jaws 10 and it was love at the first sight. It didn’t have any price on it.. I asked for price, I got info it’s around 60-65 euro… but .. I managed to negotiate a very good price.. around 50 euro! I checked the price online … and it was 2-3 times more! I was really lucky. It has even whistle and two bottles for water included in the price. The backpack seems amazing. I am looking forward to test it.

I was searching for two days what was the reason I got it so cheap and I think it was used once before. The bottles smells like some isotonic and it didn’t have original straps with the price. The sellers said it was not, but imo it WAS. Anyway… it looks like almost new and for such great quality it’s VERY cheap.

© Aga Luczakowska © Aga Luczakowska

I was searching for reviews of this backpack.. but it’s not much online. I was hoping to find some video with review.. and only videos I am finding are with the movie Jaws :))



Last few days I was running and climbing and biking… I need to bike more often!

There are always so nice drawings made by kids in the park where I am running. On Saturday I promised myself to stay home and prepare for climbing.. but I couldn’t stop myself and I did 2 times 3,1 km, including my fastest 3 km in 16:24.


There are also very nice flowers.


A few hours later we were bouldering at the almost empty gym (everyone is probably climbing in the rocks during long May weekend) .. It didn’t went so well for me.. but Victor was quite good 🙂


all photographs © Aga Luczakowska

I am training for 10k race at 3rd edition of Bucharest Half Marathon event. .. there are 16 days left! I was planning to run only popular race 2,9 but I have appetite for more and I decided for 10k.  I am not so brave (and maybe stupid) yet to decide for Half Marathon but 10 k should be ok 🙂

Today i had training on the streets of Bucharest. I am glad that there are not so many dogs anymore. I am really positively surprised. Only two dogs attacked me.. but they were miniature (I think some similar to York Terriers) 😉

When I started it was 8 C and at the end 16 C… much too warm 🙂

run bucuresti parkall photographs © Aga Luczakowska

I did my 1st 10km since a very very long time… and in quite good time also – 1 h!

  • 10.0km
  • 1:00:08
     Moving Time
  • 6:00/km
Calories 802
Elapsed Time 1:00:20
Shoes: adidas G96544 Adidas Duramo 5 (47.6 km)


© Aga Luczakowska

As I mentioned in previous post I have a new passion which is running 🙂

I started to train a few weeks ago. It’s great to live in times when we have smart phones and we can easily track our performance with GPS. I installed two programs on my iPhone: Endomondo and Strava. I also upload GPX files to Runtastic.

In the next days I will test Strava, Endomondo (As part of the 2,000,000,000 km campaign, I have been upgraded to Endomondo Premium for 1 month free of charge.) and Runtastic (I got  GOLD Membership trial) premium versions. Because I am big fan of Strava, I also sent email to their customer’s support to get info how to get Premium version of it to test it.

The answer was very fast – “I have created a trial for you so please log into to view it. Please make sure and read all of the terms and if you do not wish to remain Premium after the end date, please cancel before that date. If you need help with that let me know.” 🙂

I try to use all of them during my training and choose the one which works the best for me. It’s hard to be even-minded. I already love Strava 🙂 .. but let’s see how it will go 🙂


While searching some ideas for running setlist (I put in google running rock and roll)  I also found very inspiring blog Tove Langseth’s . I love it even without translation. Photos are inspiring and motivating.