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As much as I love social media, I also love to spend time with people, not with their phones… great Coca- Cola commercial.


I think I signed to twitter long time ago, I found my first post from 14th April 2009. I started from totally stupid posts (which I need to/I should delete) “I just came back home “… later it advanced into posts about my assignments. “en route to…ETA….” and links to instagram photos. I am ashamed to admit but I started to use it more wisely only since a very short time.


Let’s be honest, unless you are some celebrity or very famous photographer nobody really cares what did you eat or where do you travel or that you are on the assignment. When I open twitter I want to find interesting links and information. Not self promotion.

There are advantages and disadvantages of Twitter. I feel that I really need to spend there some time and I need to check info every few minutes.. otherwise it’s so much information that I am lost.

If you want to follow me on twitter … You are more than welcome!
Don’t worry I don’t post what I eat and where I am en route to 🙂 I share with my followers interesting links about photography, art and social media.