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A few days ago I saw the first time Adam Magyar’s projects… truly amazing work.
Today I found him speaking about his technique so finally I was able to understand how he does it.
Worth to see!

Adam Magyar: Photos of time from PopTech on Vimeo.


(I have no idea why embed code doesn’t work, but to see video just click the link)


I am happy to inform that Domi… Dominika Gesicka… the girl with whom we did the Aga and Domi project together -> check it here
is posting this week photos on Burn Diary


Warsaw City Center. Photo by Dominika Gesicka @dgesicka

I am very happy and proud that I got invited (among Ed Kashi, Jonas Bendiksen, Benjamin Lowy, Simon Norfolk, Brent Stirton) to The Other Hundred project.
The idea is that 100 photographers is assigned to photograph 100 people/families/societies from all over the world to show both the hardships and the triumphs of the extraordinary people left off the front pages. Photo album will be published in October, synchronized with World Powerty Day. It’s goal is to take readers on a visual journey into the lives of the people who make up the majority of our world’s population and tell the stories behind the statistics.

The Other Hundred Flyer_Blue

A global collaborative photography project designed to provoke thought and discussion about the future of economic progress, the root causes of the grinding poverty experienced by so many, and the inspirational stories of people from around the world whose lives are incredibly rich and worth celebrating.
Check out for submission details!