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My story on Tatars “Poland’s New Tatar Trail” is now online. You can check it out on Saudi Aramco World website.




Today I got a few copies of Saudi Aramco World with my publication – photo reportage on Polish Muslim Tatars for Katarzyna Jarecka’s article “Poland’s New Tatar Trail”.


In a few days my multimedia piece should be also available on their website. It was one of the best assignments in my life and for sure the best cooperation with the editor. I am very happy how the final version looks and I can not wait to share with you multimedia piece.

This assignment was very challenging for me. It was a long trip from Bucharest. I got quite a bit ill in the location… but I really like the result. I think it’s edited very well.

© Aga Luczakowska © Aga Luczakowska © Aga Luczakowska

Last week I have been in East of Poland photographing Polish Muslim Tatars. I have never been there before. I have to say that I felt in love in this area straight away. It’s very quiet and empty place… there are a few images I took with my phone in last days.

agaluczakowska02agaluczakowska_01  agaluczakowska03 agaluczakowska04 agaluczakowska05all photographs © Aga Luczakowska

I was searching today in my archive to find old photographs… and I really do miss Silesia… There is no place like this… Each time I go back to Poland I promise myself to take camera and go around.. and there is always not enough time…. maybe next time I go…
© Aga Luczakowska© Aga Luczakowska
Luczakowska_IMG_8771 © Aga Luczakowska© Aga Luczakowska  © Aga Luczakowska © Aga Luczakowska© Aga Luczakowska all photographs © Aga Luczakowska