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In just 3 minutes William Albert Allard said all. There is nothing to add more about photography.

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Tanya’s (the girl I met at Eddie Adams Workshop in NY ) interview!

Photojournalist Tanya Habjouqa has plenty of experience capturing Palestinians’ struggle. Her photographs are thought-provoking and somewhat controversial in the Middle East. Armed with a camera, she has captured drag queens in the holy-land and wives of Syrian rebel fighters. Al Jazeera’s Tom Ackerman met her in East Jerusalem to find out more on her latest humorous collection of the West Bank and Gaza.

A few days ago WPP 2013 was announced and yesterday some controversy about Paul Hansen’s winning photo appeared online


Image © Paul Hansen.

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I personally don’t understand what this controversy is about. I believe that photojournalism is not about how saturated the photography is… I don’t see big difference between both of those photographs (original file and published on WPP website)… and I don’t understand why anyone has some problem with this photo… it’s very small difference.
The funny part is that someone commented under this photos… that at such contests would like to see raw images… it would be interesting because in raw all photos are in color … so … following this idea… converting to black and white wouldn’t be allowed anymore? and how this would be ever possible …

Alexia Foundation

Inspired by the death of their daughter Alexia Tsairis who was innocently killed at the age of 20 during the 1988 terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, the Tsairis family started the Alexia Foundation to support the work of photojournalists and their powerful ability to communicate through images.

The Alexia Foundation is seeking to increase the impact of photojournalists and the stories they tell through targeted grant opportunities and partnerships with non-profit organizations that will enable the images created by Alexia photojournalists to bring awareness to problems, give voice to those who have gone unheard, and move people to take action. If you would like to learn more about the Alexia Foundation, make a donation, or apply for a grant, please visit their website at