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Open Field on iTunes, issue #2 includes my video from Bucharest


I just got email:

Open Field is finally available through iTunes!

The second issue of Open Field magazine – your issue – was released by iTunes today.

We’re not sure why it took so long (so, so long) but it’s now available to the public. And this time it can be read on iPad and iPhone.
Please feel free to tell your friends, colleagues, strangers, fans about your inclusion in this publication. Every issue we sell provides more funds for CARE’s programs.

We will be directing people to buy/learn about Open Field via our new website and would respectfully suggest you may want to do the same. I’ll send you the media release later today (if our designer’s workload allows) so you can send it to anyone who might prefer to read that.

About the Open Field website:

The new website exists to encourage people to buy the magazine and to let everyone know about the contributors. I’ve written about some of your recent achievements but would be very happy to hear about anything else you are up to, be it a new piece of work, a project you think is interesting, an award, a reading, inclusion in a show, a q and a with me! We’ll try to get as much ongoing traffic to the site as we can. “