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Today on Twitter I found info about The Franz Kafka video game. I am interested in phenomen of games. I took a few courses about it, such as Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative and Video Games and Learning and Gamification (using game elements and game design techniques in non game context) but myself I don’t really play games so much. It happens that I play Plague Inc. while riding my bike but I can not call myself a gamer at all.

This game seems to be very interesting and made me search more.


I found a few articles such as:

TIME: A Franz Kafka Video Game Is Coming But Who Cares Since Life Is Pointless and Nothing Matters

SLATE: What the Kafka Video Game Should Really Be Like

NBC NEWS: Existential dread achievement unlocked! It’s the ‘Franz Kafka Videogame’


And official game website with presskit from which I got images for this post.





I am just left without words… there is not much to say…
Stanley Greene is just one of the best photographers ever… so simple and so strong photographs…

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I felt to check some war photography today so I checked Stanley Greene’s gallery on Noor Images website. I found there some video with the interview with him. I find it very inspiring and worth to share.

“… it’s a hammer it’s not a necklaces.. respect it!” Eugenie Smith

“I do respect the fact that it is to be used…” Stanley Greene

“You have to have knowledge what are you doing. It can not be just about photography. You have to understand music, you have to understand painting, you have to understand books, you really have to be open for everything” Stanley Greene

I will post more things about Stanley Geene. He is one of the best photographers in my opinion. He treats photography very seriously and with huge respect.