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My Fuji FinePix x100 is fixed! … and it’s fixed for free! All thanks to Romanian service which was very helpful.

I can finally enjoy full potential of this small camera. Now it really works great! I will test it more. There are two test photos I took with it. Finaly I don’t have any problem with measuring light… all works perfect and I hope it will stay this way. Great quality I have to say! It didn’t work this way for two years.. so I am really amazed.


my new blender… waiting for the season for strawberries!

shoes and phone

on the way to 5k training


Quick update. I contacted Fujifilm Polska on their FB page regarding the issue I have with my Fujifilm X100. It seems that they do not care at all.

I got the answer that I should contact service and get info how much will it cost. It’s not how I imagine customer service support. I sent email also to Romanian Fuji, and no reply.

Of course I didn’t get any contact to service from them… hmm… maybe they have no idea where it is located. Is it possible that their FB page is just to put adds … and have no connection with service and technical support? In this case, its fail of their marketing strategy.

I will continue to comment on Fujifilm Polska Facebook page.

Until now, I got a quite rude answers from their admin (example: “multiplying your questions, doesn’t multiply our answers”). I am deeply shocked how their customer service works.

If the problem with my camera is not something what is related with using it but with production process, they should take responsibility on themselves and replace my camera or fix it.

One things is sure, I will not live it like this, and until the case is not solved properly I will continue talking about it and writing about it.

I am not sure if they are fully aware how modern marketing looks like and how important is to treat their customers with respect.

After two years of being very disappointed about my Fuji X 100 I finally found what is the problem.  Seems like it’s sticky aperture blade syndrome. My camera totally randomly makes photographs totally overexposed. I just wrote today on Fuji FB page. I am very curious what they will reply. Camera is not on warranty anymore, but it’s like this since the beginning.

I was always amazed that non of my friends had problem with this camera and I was really unhappy about it. If the issue can be solved it’s perfect light and small camera.. until now, I didn’t really use it because of this problem.

I am very curious how they will solve this issue. I hope their customer service will do their best… let’s see how it will go.