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Today on Twitter I found info about The Franz Kafka video game. I am interested in phenomen of games. I took a few courses about it, such as Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative and Video Games and Learning and Gamification (using game elements and game design techniques in non game context) but myself I don’t really play games so much. It happens that I play Plague Inc. while riding my bike but I can not call myself a gamer at all.

This game seems to be very interesting and made me search more.


I found a few articles such as:

TIME: A Franz Kafka Video Game Is Coming But Who Cares Since Life Is Pointless and Nothing Matters

SLATE: What the Kafka Video Game Should Really Be Like

NBC NEWS: Existential dread achievement unlocked! It’s the ‘Franz Kafka Videogame’


And official game website with presskit from which I got images for this post.