I began photography by working as a staff photographer for the daily newspaper. In 2007 I left for Istanbul, Turkey where lived and photographed for two years.

I studied documentary photography under Stanley Greene (Noor Agency founder) in Italy, Christopher Morris (VII Agency founder) and Gerd Ludwig (National Geographic photographer) in New York, USA.

My photographs were published in the Turning Point series on The New York Times blog, in The Washington Post and The Guardian.

I took part in the international projects such as Global Impressions of Bosch.
Since 2011 I live in Romania and share time between photo assignments and office job in Bucharest.

For more information check website or her Linkedin profile.

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  1. Belinda said:

    Dear Aga…I just came back from your site… it’s absolutely wonderful. After checking my emails and reading my latest subscription to Noor , it was quite funny to read you know Noor quite well! I appreciate your black and white work,and working out of a car seat ;). It’s all very strong and sensitive work.
    I also saw one of the short films “Lost Highway” it made my eyes warm,I assume you not only filmed but also edited? I am happy you dropped by and that I can follow.
    Good luck with your future plans.
    Kindest regards

    p.s. yes, wordpress is better

    • Hello, thank you for your nice comment! 🙂 I am looking forward to explore your blog more deep 🙂

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