there is such thing as bad weather…

‘There is no such thing as bad weather… just soft people”… I found this quote somewhere on Pinterest.

I post one photo from my 5,2 km run around the park in rain and with Dio’s Holy Diver 🙂 …I have some small // ok, not to small, quite serious// injury from climbing. My arm hurts very much… and it effects my whole body… it’s was not my fastest run but I am glad that I went out. I saw in the park only a few people with dogs and one other person running.

First 5km are the hardest.. when I was about to get home I felt like running more…

I “tested” today my new leggings from Rep in Peace (I have them since a few weeks but was always to warm to wear them)… also my Endomondo Premium free account expired today. Anyway, I use it only to keep in touch with my friends so I will stay with standard free version. I “record” my runs on Strava which never turned off itself as Endomondo does in 50% of cases. I have two more free weeks of Strava.. and later I need to decide if I stay with premium or regular version is enough for me.


Summer is comming (even if it doesn’t look like this outside) and I can not decide which water system I should choose.

1)  Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Set


2) Nathan Quickshot Racing



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