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Yesterday I did my first 15km. I didn’t plan it. I was thinking to go only 12 km.. but it’s “runners logic”.

When I saw 12 km in Strava, I decided to make it round – and go for 15km 🙂

Two photographs I took on my “obstacle race” yesterday… surprisingly, I didn’t meet any stray dogs on the way.
cegly dacia
all photographs © Aga Luczakowska


I have seen Forest Gump very long time ago and I didn’t remember this scene. I found it a few days ago… and I really like it!

I also got a ball (in Romanian: minge gimnastica 🙂 ) to do pilates exercises with ball… and.. hmm… it’s not so easy as it looks on videos. It’s really hard to keep a balance. I was not able to do some of the exercises. I hope with time I will get better and I also hope it will help me in climbing.

I found a lot of great exercises under the link ->

© Aga Luczakowska

I did my 1st 10km since a very very long time… and in quite good time also – 1 h!

  • 10.0km
  • 1:00:08
     Moving Time
  • 6:00/km
Calories 802
Elapsed Time 1:00:20
Shoes: adidas G96544 Adidas Duramo 5 (47.6 km)


© Aga Luczakowska

My Fuji FinePix x100 is fixed! … and it’s fixed for free! All thanks to Romanian service which was very helpful.

I can finally enjoy full potential of this small camera. Now it really works great! I will test it more. There are two test photos I took with it. Finaly I don’t have any problem with measuring light… all works perfect and I hope it will stay this way. Great quality I have to say! It didn’t work this way for two years.. so I am really amazed.


my new blender… waiting for the season for strawberries!

shoes and phone

on the way to 5k training

As I mentioned in previous post I have a new passion which is running 🙂

I started to train a few weeks ago. It’s great to live in times when we have smart phones and we can easily track our performance with GPS. I installed two programs on my iPhone: Endomondo and Strava. I also upload GPX files to Runtastic.

In the next days I will test Strava, Endomondo (As part of the 2,000,000,000 km campaign, I have been upgraded to Endomondo Premium for 1 month free of charge.) and Runtastic (I got  GOLD Membership trial) premium versions. Because I am big fan of Strava, I also sent email to their customer’s support to get info how to get Premium version of it to test it.

The answer was very fast – “I have created a trial for you so please log into to view it. Please make sure and read all of the terms and if you do not wish to remain Premium after the end date, please cancel before that date. If you need help with that let me know.” 🙂

I try to use all of them during my training and choose the one which works the best for me. It’s hard to be even-minded. I already love Strava 🙂 .. but let’s see how it will go 🙂


While searching some ideas for running setlist (I put in google running rock and roll)  I also found very inspiring blog Tove Langseth’s . I love it even without translation. Photos are inspiring and motivating.