photo equipment shopping

I was preparing to get some proper tripod since a long time. I don’t really need it with my photo assignments so I didn’t decide to get one until today. Assignments (in this case photo-video) are actually quite motivating 🙂

I got simple Manfrotto MKC3-H01 Black Trepied foto-video. It’s light and small. The person selling it was very against when I said it’s for Canon Mark II 5d.. but.. I am not really into spending too much money on it and I am not into using it a lot.. AND… I want small and light tripod…I do think it’s quite stable. I am not going to do super-long exposures on it, so i think it’s quite ok solution… time will show…

The other thing I got is microphone. I wanted to get the cheaper one (around 130-150 euro).. and here my adventures starts. I paid, I went to pick it up and I got info that it’s not available. My order was canceled.. but… yes, but.. my money didn’t come back to my account and I want not able to get anything else…good there was some nice lady in bank call center and she unlocked the money… and I got.. microphone twice as much expensive 😦

I hope it’s worth it’s price… Does anyone have experience with it?

microphone© Aga Luczakowska


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