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I was preparing to get some proper tripod since a long time. I don’t really need it with my photo assignments so I didn’t decide to get one until today. Assignments (in this case photo-video) are actually quite motivating 🙂

I got simple Manfrotto MKC3-H01 Black Trepied foto-video. It’s light and small. The person selling it was very against when I said it’s for Canon Mark II 5d.. but.. I am not really into spending too much money on it and I am not into using it a lot.. AND… I want small and light tripod…I do think it’s quite stable. I am not going to do super-long exposures on it, so i think it’s quite ok solution… time will show…

The other thing I got is microphone. I wanted to get the cheaper one (around 130-150 euro).. and here my adventures starts. I paid, I went to pick it up and I got info that it’s not available. My order was canceled.. but… yes, but.. my money didn’t come back to my account and I want not able to get anything else…good there was some nice lady in bank call center and she unlocked the money… and I got.. microphone twice as much expensive 😦

I hope it’s worth it’s price… Does anyone have experience with it?

microphone© Aga Luczakowska


Fat Thursday is Polish (but not only) tradition. More info you can find on Wikipedia –FAT THURDAY

I took that photos a few years ago (in 2008), at night just before Fat Thursday.. and there was also a good part of it… I got a lot of donuts that time 🙂

paczki30012008 paczki30012008 Luczakowska_IMG_7416 Luczakowska_IMG_7471 Luczakowska_IMG_7515
© Aga Luczakowska

I am getting ready for a photo/video assignment. I got ticket with a very short notice.. and I am ready to go :)…ok… almost ready…

The topic is very interesting.. I have never been in the place when I will travel in the following days.

People I will photograph and I contacted on the phone are extremely friendly… I really can not wait.

photoA few more things missing on this photo: microphone, tripod and led light.  I hope I will not forget anything!


Worth to read…

Journeys of a Hybrid

I came across this old “tear sheet” in the process of cleaning out the attic.  Tom and I have dozens of boxes containing over 35 years of printed collateral with our “work” in it.

Tom Kelly and Gail Mooney Tom Kelly and Gail Mooney

This brochure cover was from a shoot for I Love NY.  Clearly it was a low budget job, based on the fact that we were also the “talent” in our own photograph.  When this photo was shot, we were just starting out in the business of photography. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 35 years since we started Kelly/Mooney Photography, because it seems like yesterday.   As I sifted through decades of work, I started thinking  – “What is it that sustains a career?”

Some thoughts:

Don’t let age define you.  Let’s face it; we’re a youth obsessed culture. It’s not easy getting older, especially when you’re in…

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I need to get LED lamp for my Canon 5d Mark II for photo-video assignment. I am huge fan of natural light but there is possibility I will need to shoot indoor with small amount of light. I wish to be well prepared and get some LED lamp. What would you advice me to get? I really need help. I have no idea what I should look for.. any brands? any things I should be careful about?

I do not have much time, so I would need to get one of lamps available at f64 store. Link here


Image from shop