comic book about my friend is back!!!

activity: Magda didn’t do anything, Magda was sleeping, Magda was eating, Magda was sleeping; posts on wall: Sekula, are you alive? Why you don’t get in touch? I am searching for Sekula!

after a few months when she was lost.. she appeared again on Facebook 1). Sekula is a chairman (woman)… of park (Sekula: “I am capo di tutuu capi”) 2) How it usually is during the Spring time.. everything is blooming… especially “love”.. wrong, wrong… it’s a “BIG LOVE”

3). sometimes.. when she is relaxed… in calm walls of TBS Sekula:”put some photos on blog!!!… if you put nice photos I will make for you… exhibition” 4). when blog has a lot of likes…. (A holding peper)… neighbours.. because everyone had, have or wil have neighbour…

5) Beside having rich soul and being rich… Sekula has one thing to worry about.. she worries about Luczakosia.. Sekula: “oh God.. Luczakosia doesn’t have anything to eat.. she lived under the bridge.. on the streets are tanks.. earthquakes… while …

6) Luczakosia… a) has big apartment in Bucuresti.. b) is spending $ for shopping (in ZARA ;)) c). Victor: “my names is Victor” Aga: “My name is Aga” … the end. but just for a few months


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