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(google translation from Polish)

You had 52 years when you moved to Norway.

“For several years I washed dishes and scrubbed the floors in the restaurant (…)” – says the lady.

Let me explain: you scrub the floor and has no pretensions to life (…)?

Kika: Claims? Where from? They paid well. I had to complain it was a bad work, why?

Peter: Please read what Kika wrote on the cover of the book:” Because I feel perfectly everywhere”.

Amazing interview with Irena “Kika” .. 
Unfortunately in Polish only.. but.. maybe google translator can help a bit…


I got press pass to OST festival.. but unfortunately it was not allowed to take photos at Motley Crue concert… here is one of photos I took with my phone… I don’t even want to imagine how good photos I could take with normal camera…

 “Motley Crue… Bucuresti…Mick Mars playing Girls, girls, girls… © Aga Luczakowska  

Here is one photo I got from Victor… me and Monica… just after “Kickstart my heart”…

and …. I couldn’t stop myself from taking self portrait for Domi and my blog

It’s me.. covered with red imitation of blood… I look happy…hmm… yes, it was fun until I got home and I put things in water with soup… and realized it will not go away so easy… or .. it will never go away… I am again ok, but I have to say that I got pissed off big time…