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© Aga Luczakowska
© Aga Luczakowska  
I didn’t post since a long time… it’s all because I am busy. 
Instead of photography I was busy with climbing (3 times a week… and I have to say that finally I started to get better in it!), concerts (because of my boyfriend I got into it more than I expected.. I can not wait for Loud Festival is Sofia, OST and  Rock the City in Bucharest!!!), traveling (Poland, Venice and Herculane)… and shopping (I need to stop this new addiction!!! and ZARA is killing me… I need to stop!!! ;)).
I need to start a new photography project and finish some old things – develop and scan my old photographs and put some more things I already have on my website…
…. sometimes I am just too busy and tired to do it.  
Right now, only photography related thing I do is my blog with Domi
About two weeks ago I was asked to take some photographs of my home in Romania for IKEA magazine which will start to be published in Romania. I took some photos which you can see above… but at the end I gave up.
Not only that publication supposed to be for free (I don’t like idea taking photographs for free… even my main income is not from photography anymore) but I was also asked to take more photos with my all apartment visible. 
First of all, it’s not my own apartment (I don’t find it ok to show off with something doesn’t belong to me) and second of all I am not into Scandinavian idea of showing everything…