about me/about you

and here it is… my and Domi’s new project…

aga: All started with a task assigned by David Alan Harvey at Burn Magazine. We were asked to take self portrait using a window as a frame (http://www.burnmagazine.org/dialogue/2011/08/comic-book-a-new-reality-show/)

domi: I saw Aga’s comment, I could easily figure out that she is Polish like me, so I sent her an email, just to say “hello”

aga: we exchanged a few emails and very soon we found out that we have so much in common…

domi: both Polish, photographers, living abroad…we are even the same age

aga: …so we got this crazy idea that we could get to know each other better by the pictures…finally we are photographers, aren’t we?

domi: every day each of us takes one picture on the same subject

aga: it might be anything…self portrait, an object, an activity or any idea…

domi: and we publish it here

aga: it’s for fun!!

domi: as David said: THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!


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