Lenka 18 July 2011

Sorry.. last days I didn’t have any time to write on my blog …

Tomorrow I will be last day in Poland and than I am going fly back home (yes, I am Polish but my home is now in Bucuresti)… It was great to see my friends… but I didn’t manage to see all of them.

Barbecue at my garden, Katowice, Poland © Aga Luczakowska

I have seen Monika, Marysia with her daughter and boyfriend, Popek with his wife and his dog, Bergi, Grzegorz, Daria with her brother and husband, Karina with her sister, Marzenka and her husband, Halinka with her boyfriend, Jacek and today… Agata with her daughter Lenka.

meeting with girls from my studies (Marysia, Daria and Monika) © Aga Luczakowska

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go to Krakow and meet with Karol and Pawel (next time I will!!!! :))

Again, a few photographs of Lenka, daughter from one of my best friends.

Lenka is my favorite kid in the universe.. she is far too cute! all photos © Aga Luczakowska

ps. 20.07.2011 small update 😉 I managed to see almost all of them… all friends from Katowice and Silesia 🙂


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