Monthly Archives: July 2011

One image from my new images to my series Black Sea.. more images soon 🙂

© Aga Luczakowska

I always tell myself that next time I will take my normal camera with me.. and than I am always too lazy to do it and I end up shooting with small canon ixus
I always say, never… NEVER again… and than I do it again…and I regret

© Aga Luczakowska

My plans for a “drum bun” trip 🙂

Today was IKEA day…

© Aga Luczakowska

I saw that lamp for a first time in my life… and I had to get it 🙂

There was a little bit time for a celebration of Asia’s visit.

IKEA lamp & Romanian Wine © Aga Luczakowska

Asia just came today to visit me in Bucharest..
It wasn’t so easy for her…
Her adventures started today in Poland when a taxi driver didn’t know that there are reconstructions on the way to the airport and he drove the wrong way.. later when she finally got to the airport she found out that her flight to Warsaw was canceled… LOT airlines took her with a bus to the airport in Krakow and she flu to Warsaw… but… later in Warsaw she almost missed the plane to Bucharest.. in Bucharest taxi driver took her to the wrong address, finally when she found my apartment, she had to stay at my home because guys from aircondition supposed to come to fix my AC system…
so, she was brave enough to open a door in the country she is first time in her life and she doesn’t speak Romanian and let strangers to come to my apartment 🙂

Yeah.. the hollidays without adventure would be borring 🙂

We know each other since 12 years. She is definatelly one of my VERY BEST friends…

© Aga Luczakowska

It’s amazing to see Bucharest through eyes of someone who is here for the first time… seems that it is so dreamy place not only for me…
To park a car like on the photo above you really need to have imagination…