Monthly Archives: April 2011

Tomorrow I will take some photos of the area I will live and some pics of my beautiful apartment and it’s amazing balcony.
I am busy all day long so I have no time to write and post new things.
Sorry for that!


Sorry for my silence last days but I WAS REALLY BUSY. I am changing the apartment and I work 8 hours each day.

Anyway, last weeks were quite good. I got a job after the first sent CV and I got the first apartment I liked.

The apartment is gorgeous. It has been renovated in a very good style and has a nice furniture in the huge kitchen (FINALLY YES! I WILL HAVE A HUGE KITCHEN!) and the most beautiful bathroom I have ever seen. It has a nice balcony and a lot of space.

I already signed the contract and tomorrow I will get a key!

A few more days (I will need to deal without internet for a while, because I don’t have internet there) and I will start to post a new interesting things again! 🙂