editing my ongoing project DRUM BUN!

UPDATE: here is a link to a new gallery on my website -> DRUM BUN!

I am editing photographs from my ongoing projects on Romania and Romanian roads. The project is not finished yet… and it will take a few more trips to finish it.

I moved from Poland to Romania in the summer of 2010. Most of my travels between Poland and Bucharest, and my travels around Romania to complete assignments, are by car.
Because Romania has only around 200 km of highways, it is often necessary to take many back roads that pass through small towns and villages, which makes traveling quite slow. But what makes my trips difficult as a driver and passenger, also makes them interesting for me as a photographer.

It became natural to photograph things I see through the car window.
Traveling across the entire country gives me a great picture of the current Romania.
My photographs are a collection of observations of Romania’s diverse landscapes, small towns and villages, and of the people in their daily life and environments.

all images © Aga Luczakowska

This project wouldn’t be possible without assignments which I got from Ovidiu Rom and Irex.
I have some small problems with my car but I hope it will be fixed to the end of this month and I will be able to hit the road again.


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