I see it as a beautifull / 13/12

Few my photographs before I will put them in the new gallery on my website… I should repair my website a litle bit to make it more on time… more my own…

I am looking forward to start photograph…. I have two free weeks…. 14 days to work on my photography and maybe for some trip to the Tatra mountains… free time to go to art galleries, to travel…

Life is unexpectable and beautifull… gives a lot of new experiences and thoughts which can be used in art later… life is collection of experiences and I have them a lot…
I supposed to be in Romania… but life (peoples decisions) changed my plans…

By chance – I bought it as a gift but will stay with me – I am owner of AMAZING album – Chris Niedenthal – Poland under Martial Law…..
“Only one person could have created this extraordinary, fascinating album. Chris Niedenthal was the only foreign photojournalist to document – and how! – martial law in Poland from beginning to end. In this book, you will find the whole truth about martial law: the individual, human dramas amongst which you can find the faces of people well-known nowadays, the tragedy of the whole nation, the cruelty and thoughtlessness of the communist authorities, the hopelessness and ugliness of everyday life in the People’s Republic of Poland.” *

photo – Chris Niedenthal

photo – Chris Niedenthal

photo – Chris Niedenthal

photo – Chris Niedenthal

the book
is available to buy in bookstores Empik and online

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