Since yesterday I started to cooperate with Polish portal called “racjonalista” (rationalist)

Here is my debut on the website http://www.racjonalista.pl/kk.php/s,6359/k,2

few words about the portal:

“Poland — a country of packed churches; a country where millions enthusiastically welcome the Pope; a country with a ban on virtually all abortions and with restrictions on prenatal tests; a country in which the Church claims the right to be involved in legislative processes about laws concerning neither the Church nor religion; a country in which the Church would like to tell scientists what should and what should not be a subject of their research; where the Church was prepared to set Poland at variance with the EU in order to get God’s name into the European constitution.

In this country we are trying to promote rational thinking — RACJONALISTA.pl is currently the biggest center for publicizing free-thinkers and rationalists in Poland. More and more experts from different fields are contributing to our website. Since the website was established seven years ago about 500 authors – both Polish and foreign — have published with us. Currently we hold about 4000 articles and we have about 15 thousand visitors every day.”

… more on the website RACJONALISTA in english


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