Sekula versus wszystkie nieszczescia tego swiata / Sekula versus all misfortune of this world

Sekula versus all misfortune of this world
1) Sekula grow up with mother Sekula

“It’s normal”

Sekula’s mother was dancing in the rhythm of folk music from Polish mountains

2) at work was not better .. papers, books, newspapers are growing on her desk

3) her phones were broken, her internet was broken… everything was broken

“Sekula doesn’t answer the phone

4) Sekula was cut off from the world

4) so.. she went to the “church”

5) she prayed… and a miracle happened… the phone cell rang… Łuczakosia was calling!!!

6) Łuczakosia went to visit Sekula…
the whole building was illuminated…
only on her floor was dark….

7) but when Sekula oppened the doors “I like you sooo much Łuczakosia.. I tell you that before you fall into coma…. and the lights turn on

7. For now, Sekula is hiding her boyfriends, Łuczakosia knows about them only from seeing the flowers in the windows

8. Until one day.. when Sekula will invite Luczakosia for her wedding or she will meet Sekula in the park

“mother Sekula”

© Aga Łuczakowska


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