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Today my website didn’t work… there was information:”This account has been suspended.
Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.”
It means only one thing 🙂 … a lot people is checking my website 🙂 … which is nice 🙂

I am also glad to say that now my website is working again 🙂

I got comic book (part 2) as a gift from my friend Magda ->

Here is a comic book.. unfortunatelly only in Polish.. i have to say that some of the parts are just made up… i have never killed any bird for example 🙂

ps. i am quite easy character to draw 😉 Magda doesn’t need to try very hard… as she says – all the worst things are happening in my life (i think there are some wonderfull, too :-))
can you imagine some more funny story than my current trip to Turkey? I am going to continue my story about female islambul and since yesterday my camera* is broken… doesn’t work at all..
i can not imagine more funny beggining of part 3 😉

*i got that camera (canon 30d) one month ago from Ilker (it’s his old camera since he has new 5d)… one month ago i was owner of canon 20d – which was also broken

Today at night i am going to travel to Turkey… and… i have broken camera…
yesterday every about 10 shoots i had error 99 and today morning i have that error every time i click the botton…

My camera doesn’t work at all…

bad luck?

– new website

– my slide show Female Islambul during PHOTOMONTH in Krakow 08′ Poland -> May 12th 2008, Club Pauza, Florianska street

– my photographs at exhibition of Fotografia Mlodych, Fundacja Ateneum, Warszawa, Poland -> April 8th – May 6th, Piwna Street