world is out of here

Everytime I came back to Poland i have same feeling…
Everything is dark, people are sad, thay make other people to feel inferior…. they feel they are worst than others… their lifes are driven by complexes…

Poland seems to be out of everything, especialy out of culture… Poland is not important on the world and probably people feel it…
so funny… I really want to live abroad

(c) Aga Luczakowska, London Bridge

That Polish pesimistic, small, “out of the rest of the world” world is not for me, it’s too dark…
hopefully soon I will make my living in colorfull and powerfull place


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  1. JR said:

    You know Aga, that seems a little harsh on Poland and it’s people. I know whenever I get back from a foreign trip I tend to see the good things about where I’ve been and think about how much better things were there than here in the UK. But once I’ve had time to think about it, I usually realise that things aren’t so bad,(apart from the weather here that is!!)I’ve only ever spent one week in Poland, but I found the people there were very friendly and hard working.Considering past events in your country, I’m not surprised some Poles feel a little pessimistic though !!

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