Monthly Archives: September 2007

click here Beyond Words and go to Judge’s choice (GRAPHIC) to see “Beyond Words”
I saw this movie more than one year ago… and today i did it again.
I recomend to see it.


It’s video from my friends wedding… i coulnd’t stop to put it here 🙂
It’s in polish but sometimes words are not important so much 🙂

Both of them are husky fans.. i know more Ewa from sled dog races… i wanted to take pictures on their wedding, but same time i was in Turkey.. so i couldn’t

The video starts with words “They wanted to take a marriage in the wood, close to the nature, but goverment didn’t let them… so the nature came to goverment office”….
Dominik is Ewa;s firsth boyfriend, they know each other 17 years before they get marriage.. they have husky 🙂 off course… go to see! 🙂 sweet!,0,0,1,1,wideo.html

Just yesterday i bought two books: “Lapidaria” (Ryszard Kapuscinski) and “Kapuscinski: Nie ogarniam swiata” (Witol Beres and Krzysztof Burnetko, “Kapuscinski: I don’t comprehend the World”)… i can not wait to start to read them…
during my trip to Turkey (i was waiting two times in Budapest more than 7 hours) i have read “Podroze z Herodotem” and “Imperium” two times… some of the chapters i learnt by heart
(The Temple and the Palace chapter from “Imperium” is the best part of literature i have ever read!)